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Prospective Buyers List “Ample Storage” Amongst Their Top Requirements!

At Caplen Estates, we’ve noticed that an increasing number of modern homes lack storage space. So, it isn’t too surprising that many prospective buyers in Buckhurst Hill list “ample storage” amongst their top requirements when looking for a new property to purchase.

Whether you’ve just bought a new home and need to find ways to maximise your available storage, or whether you’re ready to sell and want to make your property as appealing to buyers as possible, these seven top tips will help boost the amount of storage space you have available.

  1. Multifunctional Rooms Are The Way Forward

More people than ever are living in apartments where living space is at a premium. The best way to maximise your floor space is to choose multifunctional furniture. Storage beds, ottoman sofas, and tables with integrated seating and shelving built in are just some of the ways that you can make your spaces multifunctional.

  1. Eliminate Dead Space

If you’re living in a compact home, the last thing you need is any dead space, so take a closer look at areas that you can repurpose. Areas beneath your staircase, awkwardly-shaped corners, and “knee walls” (a short wall, typically under three feet in height) with voids behind them are all dead spaces that can be used for storage.

  1. Look Upwards

In your kitchen, you can use your ceiling for added storage. Hanging large pans and pots from your kitchen ceiling will keep them out of your way and avoid taking up valuable drawer and cabinet room.

  1. Fully Exploit The Potential Of Your Walls

Many homeowners make the mistake of only using part of their walls for storage, but in fact, it’s possible to get far more storage space out of just one wall than you’d think. Invisible bookshelves, corner shelving, and shelves above and below appliances like your fridge, freezer or cooker will add valuable space without compromising your floors.

  1. Use Your Doors

If you’ve never thought of using the reverse of your cupboard doors for storage, it’s time to think again! Over-the-door hangers are perfect for keeping coats, dressing gowns, and jackets out of the way in the bedroom, while hanging racks in kitchen cupboards are perfect for storing spices and other small items.

  1. Switch To Sliding

While we’re considering how doors can help boost your storage space, consider switching your standard doors to sliding ones. Without having to accommodate the open swing of a door, you’ll find that you can free up a whole lot of room that could be better used for storage.

  1. Be Organised

Maximise your existing storage by investing in baskets, trays, buckets, and containers that can keep your items organised. Choose designated areas for storing different items, and make sure you have a clear system for what goes where! Staying organised will help you keep your home from looking messy and cluttered, even if it lacks storage space!

If you’re selling a property in Buckhurst Hill or want to buy a home (with plenty of storage!) get in touch with the Caplen Estates team today on 0203 937 7733.