Contrary to popular belief

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How we work for you

Marketing your property in the right way is key to finding the perfect buyer or tenant. Here at Caplen Estates we pride ourselves on working with the very best photographers and property software.

We have a range of tools available from 2D and 3D floor planning, drone photography and videography, reflecting the property footprint and details offering a true representation.

Online marketing and keeping up to date with the latest trends and technology is key to reaching a wider target audience. Working with our own website, social media platforms and Rightmove enables us to present your property to a local, national and global audience.

Protecting your valuable asset, 100% accompanied viewings, membership to The Property Ombudsman and all compliant insurance policies available shows our commitment to you, our customer

Caplen Estate, a local independent agent, born in 2017

We are a family business established with over 25 years combined sales and lettings experience plus extensive knowledge of the local West Essex property market.
Our team is extremely passionate about the area and we ensure the best advice is given to all clients from first time home purchases to long term rental investments.

Caplen Estates…the key to your future

Our primary goals are to ensure the smooth running of all transactions and partnerships, that your home is well maintained, and investments supported with confidence.

We have an experienced property management team who work directly for Caplen Estates and ensure that all works are completed to the highest standard and all regulations are complied with.

Caplen Estates offer all fully managed let properties, rent guarantee policies and the highest level of inspections. Alongside extensive tenancy referencing to ensure all parties involved have peace of mind with the knowledge that care and diligence was taken at all levels.